Power of music! 音楽のチカラ


Music has been such a strong language to me.  And I hope that is the same with others, too.

At our studio,  we get together as so-called PianoTeams®: the ensemble of FIVE pianos!  Even the beginner students enjoy this group activity.  We are all in one team aiming the same goal; to perform the music like orchestra sound.  Orchestra sound with pianos?  It really sounds gorgeous when it is played successfully.

While one leads the entrance, the other finishes the phrase with cadences time to time within the same music.  Wow, nice crescendo and shiny accents.  Oh, it was such an anguished tonal color. I am not kidding, it is the beginning students ensemble.  Feelings are shared and raised to climax, then to finale!

After the rehearsal, we giggle, laugh and make jokes.  Talking never stop.  I see the origin of music there.  To share the feelings and to bless our existence.  Each has role to do in the PianoTeams.  No one is needless.

Thank you Lord to give music! Sincerely I feel blessed to be a piano teacher.