20090616_DSC_3749Lessons are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes. In addition to weekly private lessons, there are group lessons / PianoTeam® ensemble. Although my first approach to teach piano differs from each student, I believe that developing listening skill is the key to play piano better. The student will learn, first of all, to listen to good tone, then to read musical notes, to understand score and to build up physical strength for playing the piano. Student is required to prepare each lesson, that means daily practice is mandatory.

Missed lesson by teacher will be rescheduled or refunded.

Missed lesson by student will not be refunded. (Note: At the end of the year in June, there is a makeup lesson week.)

Piano Teams®

Ensemble played by five pianos. The word was coined to mean five pianists playing repertoires which were specifically composed, transcribed, or arranged for five pianos.


Links: Well-Prepared Pianist Institute www.wppinstitute.com





Tuition has to be pre-paid either monthly, quarterly or yearly. If you desire to pay monthly, it is due by the first week lesson of each month.

There is non-refundable Annual Registration fee for $30 per student. (Due at the first lesson in September.) It is to cover the recital expenses, materials for group lessons and web maintenance.

Please feel free to contact about tuition at info@ishiharapianostudio.com



It is essential for musicians to share the music with others. The shared feelings of sad, lonely, fun or uplifting will delight both the player and the listeners. There is one studio recital and one visiting concert to nursing home. Pianoteams® concerts are in December and June. There are Eastside Chapter adjudication, Federation Music Festival and competitions. My students are strongly encouraged to perform in front of others or even for family members.


Annual Performance opportunities:

  • Dec & June

    PianoTeams® Concert: twice a year (All ages)

  • March

    Annual Ishihara Piano Studio Recital

  • Feb

    Federated Music Festival (All ages)

  • March

    Eastside Chapter Adjudication (All ages)

  • March

    Helen Crowe Snelling Competition (5th grade & up)

  • April

    Eastside Piano Competition (5th grade & up)

  • June

    Community Concert at Retirement house or Nursing home

  • No Lesson dates

  • No Lesson Dates

    • Oct 21
      No lesson
    • Nov 11
      Veterans Day
    • Nov 22-25
      Thanksgiving Break
    • Dec 19-31
      Winter Break
    • Jan 1-3
      Winter Break
    • Jan 16-17
      MLK Jr. Break
    • Feb 16-20
      Mid-Winter Break
    • April 3-7
      Spring Break
    • May 29-31
      Memorial Day Weekends