My goal is to prepare the student to become an independent learner at the piano while meeting his or her own musical needs. The “Well-Prepared Pianists” books are used at lessons as this approach helps to develop the student’s ear for “tone quality” and technique for “ease of playing”. While a student might find a piece easy to play, my focus is on developing artistry in the playing. This is what I call “progresses”. Whether the student wants to play favorite music for his own enjoyment, or accompany for choir/ church or going on to study advanced piano music, I will gladly help with your needs. I am aiming to offer a “fun” learning environment in each lesson.

Teacher Profile

I am an ambitious learner especially in piano. I love to teach students of any age, as long as they are ready to take piano lessons. It is my joy to see students grow week by week, month by month and year by year. After the years of piano lessons, it is my TRUE joy to see the students living their lives enriched by playing piano.

After earning Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance at University of Arizona, I continued to study pedagogy at University of Denver, being a Teaching Assistant in both universities.  I have been loving teaching piano ever since.  I also accompanied vocal and instrumental students, as well as choir and ballet classes at art schools and the universities.   After relocating to the Seattle area, I adapted the teaching of Well-Prepared Piano Institute founded by my mentor as well as a Fulbright scholar, N. Jane Tan, who was a pupil of Leon Fleisher.  As I continue my professional development by taking private lessons and pedagogy classes, I had earned NCTM (National Certified Teacher of Music) and became a certified teacher of WPPI at Preparatory Level. The most discovery in WPPI was knowing how to practice effectively! I performed in an ensemble of five pianos, called PianoTeam® around the Washington state and at the International PianoTeam® Recital in Arizona in 2008.